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Cardinals offensive lineman calls out lazy football website

Early Wednesday morning the website known as “ProFootballTalk” posted a story with the headline: “Adam Snyder would like to see Alex Smith in Arizona”.

It was an interesting headline given the subject matter, since the Arizona Cardinals could use a quarterback and it appears Smith will not be a member of the San Francisco 49ers much longer.

The story is an aggregated piece from a story written for the Sacramento Bee, which carried the headline “Alex Smith in Arizona? Snyder likes that idea”.

Snyder, who left the 49ers for the Cardinals last offseason, was quoted as saying:

“If someone asked me about him, I would tell them exactly what I thought,” Snyder said on a conference call. “I think the guy’s got unbelievable character, and I think he’s a leader. Obviously, he and I came in together (in 2005). So I’ve got a special place for him.”


“I just think that Alex worked for seven years to get to the position he was in,” Snyder said. “He was 19-5 (in the past two seasons) and had the best QB rating in the league and was doing his job to win games, you know? I don’t know. It was surprising to me. But, hey, they get paid to make those decisions, and that’s the decision they went with.”

Seems pretty innocuous, right? Snyder is sticking up for a former teammate who posted a 104.1 QB rating this season before being benched due to an injury. Would Smith be an upgrade for Arizona? Probably, but then again so would 90-percent of the NFL’s quarterbacks.

At any rate, nothing Snyder said should be interpreted as him saying he wants Smith in Arizona, unless of course him not saying he wants Smith in Arizona is really his way of saying he wants Smith in Arizona.

But alas, it appears ProFootballTalk decided to take someone else’s headline and run with it, completely disregarding the actual content of the article.

And for that, Snyder’s Arizona teammate Daryn Colledge had a tweet for the world.

Ooh, burn!

Colledge is simply asking what the rest of us would from reading the headline and then the article: Where in the story did Snyder say he wants Smith on the team?

The answer is he didn’t.