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John Brown is still an amazing dancer

Break it down, Mr. Brown.

Cardinals receiver John Brown scored the final touchdown of a 28-point, second-quarter outburst in Arizona’s win against the Lions on Sunday, but his celebration cost the team an excessive celebration penalty. By rule, Brown’s awesome dancing got him flagged, probably because teammate Jaron Brown got involved with whatever jig you call this.

As in past seasons, it would seem the NFL is coming down hard on such touchdown celebrations this year.

Last week, New Orleans running back Khiry Robinson was fined more than $8,000 for pretending the football was a horse that he was riding. The NFL doesn’t like players using the ball as a prop. Denver Broncos star Von Miller was understandably dinged for his post-sack celebration that resembled something out of a Key and Peele sketch.

As for John Brown, we vote that he continue dancing his heart out.

After all, the difference between his dance Sunday in the 42-17 win against the Lions was hardly different — and certainly as innocent — from his Harlem Shake-like dance that made us huge fans of his moves last season.

Might we add, that dance is legal enough to appear on a commercial for official NFL sponsor Hyundai.

Please, NFL, let John Brown dance.

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