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Washington State’s Mike Leach not aware of Arizona State’s D.J. Foster

During his weekly Monday press conference, Washington State head coach Mike Leach was asked what it was about Arizona State’s D.J. Foster that made him so dynamic.

It’s not an outlandish question. After all, the Cougars host the Sun Devils in Pullman Saturday afternoon.

The answer was a bit strange (discussion begins at the 6:00 mark in the above video).

“I don’t even know who he is. I mean, I don’t have their whole roster memorized. You seem to like him, what does he play?” Leach said.

The reporter told the coach Foster plays receiver and running back.

“He’s good,” Leach responded.

The fourth-year coach then went on to explain that he’s not as far into preparation for Arizona State as the media would like to think.

“I mean, contrary to popular belief, it is Monday, we haven’t sat and watched all the film, I haven’t watched 100 percent of the defensive film. So these secrets that you’re well aware of will be unfolded to us that are preoccupied by one game at a time. And you’ll be the first we notify,” he said.

That point is somewhat valid … until you realize that Leach has faced Foster and ASU in each of his previous three years as Washington State’s head coach!

And it’s not like the senior hasn’t inflicted damage on Leach’s team, either. Foster has five career touchdowns against the Cougars and the Sun Devils have beaten Wazzu by an average of 31.3 points per game.

Something tells us that if Foster was a pirate, Leach would have a wealth of knowledge about him.


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