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Sacramento Kings baby race both adorable and controversial

The Sacramento Kings held a baby race Sunday night during a break in action in their game against the Toronto Raptors — and it is exactly what it sounds like.

That being said, it’s basically impossible to watch this 1:10 video on not get emotionally invested in the outcome.

Not a single baby has a quality start in this race — a problem many young racers have, but a clear favorite built a huge lead. Alas, the pink-bowed Usain Bolt would stop two feet from the finish line, mesmerized by the rattles and stuffed animals that awaited her beyond the purple tape.

Then from the outer lanes, two underdog crawlers looked to take advantage, but the story doesn’t end here. Too naive to handle the pressure of baby racing champion, they both faltered before finishing. Finally, the would-be fourth place baby ended up with gold, but not without controversy.

Representing stage moms everywhere, purple tutu’d baby’s mother not only held her motivational device well over the finish line, but she then pulled her baby the last foot, bringing so many questions about ethics to the U-1 baby racing community.

Your move, commissioner.

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