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Phoenix listed among most miserable sports cities

The Suns are looking at their third trip to the lottery in
four seasons.

The Cardinals have gone a couple years without a playoff
spot, with Valley fans excited over an 8-8 season.

And sure, the Diamondbacks won the NL West last season and
the Coyotes are looking at their third consecutive playoff
appearance, but not long ago they were two of the worst
teams in their respective sports.

Perhaps that’s why Forbes ranked Phoenix as the third-most
miserable sports city in America.

Teams: Diamondbacks, Cardinals, Suns, Coyotes
Championship Round Record: 1-3
Semifinal Round Record: 4-9
Total Seasons/Championships: 95/1
Last title: 2001
The Suns lost both of their NBA Finals appearances, not to
mention another seven losses in the Western Conference

Ahead of Phoenix are the cities of Atlanta, who watched
its hockey team bolt for Winnipeg and its baseball team
lose a playoff spot on the season’s final day, and
Seattle, which has a bad baseball team, mediocre football
team and the knowledge that one of the best teams in the
NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder, used to call the Emerald
City home.

That’s gotta sting a bit.

On the bright side, things are mostly looking up here in
the Valley. The D-backs are expected to contend for a
World Series spot this season, the Coyotes are playing
great hockey and the Cardinals seem to be on the verge of
getting back into the playoff picture.

Now if we could just do something about those Suns…