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Belieb it: Justin Bieber was baptized in Tyson Chandler’s bathtub

Suns center Tyson Chandler and his bath tub in New York once hosted Justin Bieber’s baptism.

There, the lede is not buried.

Complex Sports reports that the January 2016 print version of GQ will feature such a true story in an article about Bieber.

Here are the basic details. Bieber, the pop super-star, was hanging out with Pastor Carl Lentz, leader of the international Hillsong church. Overcome with emotion, he asked Lentz to be baptized, but after a few of Lentz’s leads to find a pool to do so failed — the paparazzi had caught wind of this — he called another follower of the Hillsong church.

Chandler was his guy.

Apparently, Lentz baptized The Biebs in Chandler’s bathtub.

A few years back, Bieber posted an Instagram photo of himself, Lentz, Chandler and Thunder star Kevin Durant, so this is certainly plausible.

You better belieb it.

Chillin with the boys at home… Kevin Durant, Tyson Chandler and Carl Lentz.

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