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Charles Barkley likes 1993 Suns’ chances against modern day Warriors

Comparing NBA players and teams across eras and in a vacuum of individual accomplishments isn’t easy.

Still, the NBA lends itself to comparing stars, dynasties and championship teams.

Don’t expect former Phoenix Suns star Charles Barkley not to give his two cents if asked about whether a couple teams from his era could best the modern day Golden State Warriors. On ESPN Chicago’s Waddle and Silvy show, the Chuckster did just that when he was asked if Michael Jordan’s 72-win Bulls team from 1995-96 could beat the current version of the Warriors (41 minute mark).

“You’re kidding me, right? That Bulls team would kill this little team,” Barkley said.

“Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, let me just start with those three,” he added. “They would love playing the way the Warriors play — it’s a much easier game now. Could you imagine how many points Mike would average if you couldn’t touch him? Dennis would get so many rebounds against that team, I mean, they’re a very small team.”

Barkley was then asked if his Suns team that fell to Jordan and the Bulls in the 1993 NBA Finals would be able to beat the Warriors.

“I like our chances,” Barkley said. “I do. It’ll be, Kevin Johnson — the one weakness people don’t even pay attention to, Steph Curry is not a great defender. If you look at the games that they’ve struggled they’re going at him offensively. Kyle Lowry had 41. When they played Boston, (Avery) Bradley had 18 the first half. I’d go at (Curry). You need a good point guard to go at Steph and not let him play one end of the floor. You need a guy down low to get you easy some baskets.

“Kevin Johnson, myself, Dan Majerle, I like our chances against the Warriors.”

K.J. going at Stephen Curry, Majerle and Klay Thompson trading buckets and Barkley in a showdown with Draymond Green are all things basketball fans could get behind.

The real answer to this question: Let your imagination decide.

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