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Patrick Peterson the latest Cardinal to dress up after losing a bet

If you’ve been following the Arizona Cardinals on social media throughout this season then you are well aware of the shenanigans the team gets up to when it comes to winning and losing bets.

There was Drew Stanton having to face the music on the team flight.

There was also Carson Palmer having to wear a Stanford jersey during his press conference.

Matt Barkley made his appearance on the field when he lost a bet and unfortunately for him, he was not quick enough to avoid pictures and videos.

Despite all the quarterbacks making the rounds, the “QB bet” doesn’t appear to be done.

Patrick Peterson is the latest victim and was a good sport on social media in doing so.

Here you can see Peterson with a full Elf costume just in time for the holidays.

Kudos to Peterson for playing along and going from P2 to PElf in the holiday spirit.


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