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Why not take a Chance?

It’s hard for me to get excited when the Arizona Cardinals took the second best guard on the board while the best guard in the draft was still on it.

Chance Warmack was the best guard coming out for the 2013 draft. The Cardinals drafted a guard and it wasn’t the best guard on the board.

The choice of Jonathan Cooper was not a bad one, but it shows a short-term focus and not a long-term focus. I prefer long-term focus. Jonathan Cooper is a better choice for a Bruce Arians-run offense. Jonathan Cooper is a better choice for a team with Carson Palmer as the QB. You don’t hire a coach and sign a quarterback in the off-season only to disregard what suits them best.

The pick makes sense but I can’t get behind it. I’ve seen too many coaches come and go. I’ve seen too many regimes come and go. No one knows just how long Palmer will be the Cards’ QB.

As an all-around player, Chance Warmack is better than Jonathan Cooper. I believe you always take best player available, unless you have a franchise quarterback and a quarterback on the board is the best player.

Cooper is not a bad pick. This isn’t like when I screamed against Robin Lopez, Markieff Morris and Levi Brown.

Jonathan Cooper will be a successful Cardinal. Chance Warmack will be a dominating Titan.