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Suns fan makes half-court shot to win $5,000

Devin Booker made his first three shots of the night, but the most impressive three shots made on Monday were by Suns fan Eric Kern.

Kern took place in the CenturyLink Prism Shot Challenge to win $5,000. In order to win Kern would have to hit a shot from the free-throw line, three-point line, and half-court line in 24 seconds to win the prize.

With his P.J. Tucker-like release, Kern buried all three shots to win the money.

The most impressive part of Kern’s routine is as color commentator Eddie Johnson notes, the fact that Kern did not change his shooting motion at half-court and making the shot, which requires a ton of strength.

It looks like it was Kern’s night, who was randomly selected according to the Suns.

Not a small task to make all those shots in front of thousands of people and being within shouting distance of LeBron James.

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