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Getting the O-line better

Bruce Arians is setting the tone for how training camp will go for his offensive line. His demeanor was not good after Sunday’s practice and he made sure to let people know he wasn’t happy with the Butt Gutts.

Arians told the media he was extremely upset with all the mental mistakes they were making. And if there is one position group that BA is going to be the toughest on, it’s the O-line.

BA needs to set a new expectation for this group and he knows it; he needs to raise the bar, maybe even beyond their own expectation, and stay on them even when they progress. It’s what coaches do. When they see movement, when they get improvement, they challenge players even more. When they slip up and stagger, they get both barrels, verbally.

But this is only part of the improvement equation and I am confident this offensive line will get better quickly. Not only do they have better talent (Jonathan Cooper, Eric Winston) and more experience up front (Bobby Massie, Nate Potter), but the competition across the board is just ridiculous!

You can coach a player up, and that helps. You can use words to motivate a player, and that’s good. But nothing is going to make a player better quicker, and nothing is going to motivate a player as well as bringing somebody in that is as good if not better than said player. Competition is the best coach of all.