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When is Mike Leach not Mike Leach? When he’s not Mike Leach

Last week, Arizona Cardinals long snapper Mike Leach announced he was retiring from the NFL after playing 16 years with three different teams.

He made the announcement to little fanfare on Twitter, which given his position, made a lot of sense. Though important, his job was the type where you knew he was doing well when you didn’t think of him at all.

But while he was hardly the most noticed player on the field and is not likely to land on a list of the most recognizable athletes to ever play for an Arizona team, he still deserves respect for putting together such a long and successful NFL career, and that’s exactly what the folks over at the Wast Management Phoenix Open were going for when they invited him to take part in the Pro-Am.

Well, at least we think they invited him.

The former Cardinal of course shares a name with the famous Washington State football coach, and it’s not the first time he’s been confused for the man affectionately known as “the Pirate.”

However, as easy a mistake as that would be to make, Leach (the former player) does have a point in that you’d hope the people in Arizona would know there are at least two different Mike Leaches out there.

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