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Houston coaches go Office Space on fax machine following NLI Day

When was the last time you used a fax machine?

Actually, do you even know how to use a fax machine?

The truth is, your answer does not really matter all that much, because the fax machine — once a great and useful tool in the business world — has for the most part been rendered obsolete as other, better technologies have become more mainstream.

However, that does not mean fax machines are never used, as if not for them, National Letter of Intent Day would probably cease to exist. Or, at least that’s what Big Fax would like for us to think.

All day Wednesday coaches from universities all over the country waited with baited breath near their fax machines, hoping to see one signature after another pour in from athletes they were hoping to land as part of their recruiting classes.

NLI Day has become a big and celebrated event in the college football calendar, and while exciting for some, it also figures to be very stressful for the coaches.

So, it should probably come as no surprise that the staff over at the University of Houston, led by head coach Tom Herman, decided to channel their inner “Office Space” and take out some frustration on the very machine that they spent so much time with Wednesday.

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