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Tapping into the Rage Tree with Wolf’s pre-game playlist

Getting the mind right is so critical, especially when preparing for savagery. Playing football, or doing anything that will attack one’s constitution, is an attack on the three-fold nature of man: body, soul and spirit.

Music speaks to our being. Doctors say the only time we use the entire brain, simultaneously, is when we sing. Music opens the window to the soul and that’s why I would listen to these songs if I were still playing today. These songs, although incomplete, speak to me.

Lyrics are important, are they not Maynard James Keenan? But they are not the end all be all for me. The music is what sets the table, then breeds emotion and, finally, blows your face off. The music prepares you to do the honorable thing, to do the hard thing, to do what you must not what you’d like. The music…

Finally, on a personal note, much of this music used to dominate my life. During the “dark days,” while going through a dispensation of tribulation, it had power in my life. It no longer has that power as I continue to walk to the Light.

I had a lot of fun doing this. I hope you enjoy the arrangement.

Peace & strength.


P.S. All apologies: Tool dominates the playlist and is found in all three phases of The Rage Tree. This fact is why the playlist was delayed. The lead singer of Tool, Maynard James Keenan, doesn’t wish to pollute the compilation of his work. He will not allow any of his songs to be “cherry-picked” from the context in which it was offered. Thus, Spotify, or any other digital download is not permitted. There are ways to get around this, not the least of which include purchasing the entire work (which I suggest).


Fever Ray – If I Had a Heart

Tool – Eulogy

Shinedown – Simple Man

Type O Negative – Love You to Death


Filter –  Hey Man, Nice Shot

Guns & Roses – Civil War

Refused – New Noise

Tool – Stinkfest

Alice in Chains – Man in the Box

Tool – 46 & 2

Go Time

Tool – Vicarious

Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade

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