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Cubs OF Kyle Schwarber destroys windshield with BP home run

As anyone who has parked a car near a Little League field can tell you, there is an inherent danger in placing your vehicle so close to where baseballs are being batted around.

All it takes is one well-placed foul ball or home run and ding, you have a nice dent or worse.

Generally this rule does not need to apply to the Major Leagues, given that it’s rare a baseball leaves a stadium and, even if it does, vehicles are usually not anywhere near the danger zone.

But as one Chicago Cubs fan found out at Mesa’s Sloan Park Wednesday, spring training is a different animal.

The ball that did the damage was hit by Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber, whose monster home runs became the stuff of legend last postseason.

The 22-year-old appeared to feel a little bad about it all, and took to Twitter to see if he could help make up for what happened.

And you know what? It looks like things may work out after all.

Schwarber hit 16 home runs in the regular season last year and added another five in the postseason. He slugged 50 over the course of two minor league seasons, meaning yes, it’s likely he’s not done wrecking windshields just yet.

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