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Newsmakers Week: Doug’s thoughts from Friday’s guests

Newsmakers Week 2016 ended Friday. The major decisionmakers of each organization and program in the state joined the show to explain their decisions and lay out their plans for the future.

Each team’s willingness to participate exemplifies how unique Phoenix is. No city in America has the access you received this week. Most cities have a dominant franchise that would normally think they’re too important. Other cities only have one or two professional teams so it would be “Newsmakers Day.” Here, in Arizona, every team is fighting for your entertainment dollar so this week is important to them. For Wolf and me, Newsmakers Week is a major focus of our year to present sports in a way that is different from every station in America.

Every day of Newsmakers Week I’ve highlighted what I took away from each guest on Feel free to tweet me (@doug987FM) with the #NewsmakersWeek if you have any feedback.


7:45-8:15 — Earl Watson, Phoenix Suns head coach

I’m never going to agree with the firing of Jeff Hornacek or the non-hiring of Dan Majerle. Those issues have nothing to do with Earl Watson, however. I think Watson is the perfect coach for this time in the development of the Suns. If the Suns were a strong veteran team, I think Watson would fail. His philosophies are too utopian for the average selfish NBA veteran. Since this is a young team, Watson is the perfect choice for kids to transition from college to the pros. It’s impossible to sit across from Watson and not be captivated.

8:15-8:30 — Mike Nealy, executive director of the Fiesta Bowl

Any event that has brought billions of dollars in economic impact and this year donated over a million dollars to charity is a treasure. The biggest takeaway, though, was Nealy saying an eight-team playoff would be worse for the Fiesta Bowl than the current system.

8:45-9 — Jason Rowley, president of the Phoenix Suns

He’s a rural Arizonan who served his country in the military and earned a law degree, all while loving the Suns. He said he completely accepts the anger of Suns fans and, somewhat, appreciates it because those that are angry are not apathetic. He hopes you’ll come back.

9-9:15 — Jim Pittman, Phoenix Mercury executive director

Diana Taurasi is coming back. Does there need to be another takeaway?

9:15-9:45 — Ryan McDonough, GM of the Phoenix Suns

The trade of Markieff Morris was almost eight months in the making in-house but came down to the wire with another organization. As much as everyone wanted Morris traded, it is McDonough’s belief that they could never have received the same value if Morris was traded at the beginning of the season. McDonough also admitted Morris’ recent play made him attractive to other teams.

Tweet the show (@dougandwolf987) with the #NewsmakersWeek and let us know what you thought about all our interviews this week. Thanks for listening.

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