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Minor league team to put a lazy river in right field of stadium

The Arizona Diamondbacks may not have realized it at the time, but they probably started a bit of a trend when they decide to place a swimming pool in the right field stands of their ball park.

Since then various teams have added various attractions to their stadiums, and they range from cheesy to cool and back to cheesy again.

What the Frisco RoughRiders of the Texas League are planning, however, takes ballpark gimmicks to an entirely new level.

The Texas Rangers’ Double-A affiliate unveiled plans Thursday for a lazy river, which will be located beyond the fence in right field.

According to the team, the 3,000 square-foot “Choctaw Lazy River” will be completed by early June 2016.

Rising above the right-field wall, the Choctaw Lazy River will provide one of the most unique viewing and entertainment experiences in all of professional sports. At a consistent depth of 3 feet, the gently-flowing river will span nearly 175 feet from end to end-longer than an Olympic-size swimming pool and nearly the length of a regulation National Hockey League ice rink.

A person swimming or wading one full lap around the river’s two distinct middle islands will travel over 400 feet, the same distance from home plate to the center field wall at Dr Pepper Ballpark. 113 linear-feet of recycled water will cascade over an infinity edge to create two fantastic 8-foot waterfalls that will drop into a beautiful reservoir behind the outfield wall.

The river will be filled with more than 68,000 gallons of water.

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