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Arizona Cardinals have low-ranked jerseys

Back in 2004, the Arizona Cardinals introduced the uniform style you see today.

It was a pretty drastic change from their old duds, which were more simple, but it was pretty well received. Red and white stayed as the main colors, until the team debuted a black alternate jersey in 2010.

The fans seemed to be fine with the look, but apparently Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas is not a fan.

In his NFL uniform rankings for, the Cardinals come in 29th — out of 32.

Well, at least they didn’t wear the blood clot uni last season, so that’s a small morsel of progress.

The “blood clot uni” is the all-red ensemble, by the way.

The Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and Oakland Raiders are the top three teams on the list, with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills rounding out the top five.

Anyway, the Cardinals do come in ahead of Carolina, Cincinnati and Jacksonville, but perhaps these rankings are invalidated because Seattle, at 22, isn’t ranked nearly low enough.