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Diamondbacks’ new look in high demand at Salt River Fields team shops

The new D-backs jersey’s are a popular item at the team shop. (Photo by Jessica Watts/Cronkite News)

SCOTTSDALE — Michael Martineau, an avid hat collector and D-backs fan, was one of the lucky few to snag the new “evolution” D-backs hat with its throwback snakehead logo on the front and spring training emblem on the side before the team shops at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick sold out of it.

“The hat is awesome. It’s one of the best ones I got and I have like 450 hats,” Martineau said. “(I’ve) been a season ticket holder ever since the D-backs started and I still got the inaugural season seat cushion from 1998.”

A lot has changed since the Diamondbacks’ first season 18 years ago, but with a nod to that past, the Diamondbacks revealed seven brand-new uniforms in December, combining the team’s original teal and purple colors with the new-age Sedona Red and black color scheme. Also slithering its way back is the classic snakehead logo, which the team previously used from 1998 until 2006.

The new design and colors make for popular T-shirts and hats at the team shops at Salt River Fields this spring. The snakehead logo hat has been sold out for weeks, according to Alicia Redger, stadium manager for the team shops at Salt River.

“That was the first thing to go,” Redger said. “The adjustable (batting practice) hat with the spring training emblem on the side sold out very quickly. When anything new rolls out, everyone wants it.”

Since the apparel featuring the new designs and color scheme made it to the shelves, Haley Anderson, center field team shop manager, said more merchandise has been moving out the door.

“I think sales have actually increased since the new logo,” Anderson said. “The team in general is doing a bit better this year (so far), so I think that’s drawing a lot more fans into the stores.”

D-backs President and CEO Derrick Hall said in December at the unveiling of the new look that while the uniforms are trying to appeal to all age groups, the team is hoping younger fans will embrace them and become “D-backs fans for life.”

Redger said she thinks the D-backs prevailed in that task.

“The snakehead kind of appeals to the younger demographic. Just the design of it is far more youthful than the ‘A’, although, I love the ‘A,’” Redger said.

While the classic snakehead logo was given a facelift, the D-backs’ primary “A” logo remains the same and will still be featured on players’ hats during the regular season.

The new jerseys are also popular at the team shops.

“The jerseys are doing actually really well,” Redger said. “Everyone really likes the grey and teal and that seems to be very popular. The white and teal (jersey) is probably the second-best selling.”

Miguel Galindo, born and raised in Phoenix, has been a D-backs fan since the team made its debut in 1998. Galindo said the grey and teal jersey is his favorite.

He admits he wasn’t sure how the red and teal would look together and if he would like it.

“I heard about it before I saw it, but when I saw it I thought, ‘Wow it works,’” Galindo said. “I wasn’t sure at first if it was going to work, but it really does. I think (the teal) makes it pop.”

He said he was “quick to purchase” a new D-backs shirt after seeing the color scheme and plans to buy a jersey when the season starts.

“I’m definitely going to get one of the jerseys. Once I see (the D-backs) hit the field in the regular season, I’ll see which (jersey) I like best and I’ll be getting one of those, for sure,” Galindo said.

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