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Sunday you saw the typical Carson Palmer, good and bad

It would and will be easy to bag on Levi Brown this week and all year. He is awful and everyone knows it. But instead of the obvious let’s break down Carson Palmer.

I’ve never been a big fan. To me he is just OK, an average quarterback. Clearly average is a huge upgrade over what they had last year and average will give them a chance to win games.

On Sunday you saw the typical Palmer. He was good and bad. He threw for 327 yards and two touchdowns. He also threw a costly interception and had a huge fumble.

He did enough to put the Cardinals up by 11 late in the third quarter then did nothing in the fourth quarter when they needed him most. After his 25-yard touchdown to Larry Fitzgerald with 1:47 left in the third quarter put Arizona up 24-13, Palmer preceded to go 4-8 for 32 yards with a sack and fumble on the Cardinals next three possessions.

He threw for 29 yards on the final possession when the Rams were giving him the middle of the field with 40 ticks of the clock left and Arizona having no timeouts. He was also sacked on a play he should have spiked the ball during that final drive.

So four total possessions in the fourth quarter and zero points plus a turnover that led to three points for St. Louis.

Palmer was under pressure much of the game because Brown is, well, he’s bad, bad Levi Brown worst left tackle in the whole dang town.

But when Arizona needed a drive Palmer couldn’t deliver. So, yes, Palmer kept them in the game, he put them in a position to win, but in the end of a very winnable game he couldn’t close the game out.

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