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Franz’s 2013 Power Poll – Week 4

1) SEAHAWKS (1): Russell Wilson is 10-0 at home…Two-straight 10 AM body clock games against good opponents (@Houston & @Indy).

2) BRONCOS (3): I know you’re a great September quarterback, do it in January…who knew this was the best rush defense?

3) SAINTS (4): 2012 Saints defense held their opponent to 17 points or less in ONLY three games…2013 Saints defense has held their opponent to 17 points or less in ALL three games.

4) BEARS (7): Two head coaches have started their Bears career 3-0: Marc Trestman and George Halas…every stat says they’re average except the +6 turnover ratio.

5) DOLPHINS (11): sixth-best in defense on third downs allowing 32 percent to be converted…best red zone offense.

6) BENGALS (10): Love the 46 percent conversion rate on offense but can’t believe they’ve already fumbled the ball seven times.

7) CHIEFS (12): Over 2012 and ’13 only Tom Brady and Alex Smith throw INTs on fewer than 1.5 percent of their attempts…one of two teams with no turnovers.

8) PATRIOTS (9): Third in red zone efficiency last year and 32nd this year.

9) COLTS (15): Nice break to go to Jacksonville between SF and Seattle…we all know Arizona has a bad o-line, but Indy has allowed the same number of QB hits.

10) 49ERS (2): Only Jags, Bucs and Steelers score FEWER points per game.

11) FALCONS (8): According to pro football focus position grades, the Cardinals have a better left tackle…explain that.

12) COWBOYS (20): Very average in the red zone (16th) keeping games much closer than they appear.

13) RAVENS (25): The great Joe Flacco leads the 30th ranked offense…now this.

14) TEXANS (5): This team is sleep-walking…shouldn’t say “team” since defense is ranked second.

15) PACKERS (9): Only four teams allow more points…bye week.

16) LIONS (17): When Mathew Stafford targets Nate Burleson, his completion percentage is at 82.6, highest QB/WR combo in the NFL this year, yet Burleson is out with a broken arm.

17) TITANS (22): The other team with no turnovers…Locker looks much better while Hunter and Warmack are trending upwards.

18) PANTHERS (23): Not crazy for them to go 2-0 after the bye despite the travel to Glendale and Minnesota…they could sneak up on the wild card.

19) JETS (29): First rookie in Jets history to have a 300 yard passing game is Geno Smith…Third-best defense statistically and haven’t given up more than 20 points in any game.

20) RAMS (18): Offense has converted only 12 third downs and defense gives up almost four TDs a game.

21) CARDINALS (21): Could be worse with only one of the five fumbles recovered by their opponent…you can use the term “must win” when the opposing QB gets benched and the coach is under fire.

22) CHARGERS (14): Amazing they keep you from converting third downs pretty well because it never gets to third down…giving up 5.1 yards/rush and unbelievable 9 yards/pass attempt.

23) BILLS (19): Can’t figure out if they’re 28th in third down conversions because of E.J. Manuel or if he’s carrying a collection of bad talent.

24) BROWNS (28): Brian Hoyer is the first Browns QB to throw for 300 yards in his starting debut…defensive stats look great but the 50 percent conversion rate on third downs dwarfs all the positives.

25) RAIDERS (27): This team really isn’t that bad but they can’t show it because they are 31st in offensive plays. I’m not talking where they rank in offense, but how few actual plays they run.

26) EAGLES (13): Speaking of number of plays, the vaunted Eagles system ranks 15th in plays run…you’re going to play fast in high-altitude to quickly get the ball back to Peyton?

27) VIKINGS (16): Ponder’s been sacked 10 times while the defense has only four sacks…I don’t care where the game is, if they can’t beat Pittsburgh, the season’s over.

28) GIANTS (24): Since Rex Ryan took over the Jets, he’s 36-31. The exact same record as Tom Coughlin over that time span… It took 10 weeks last year for the Giants to turn the ball over as many times as they have this year (13).

29) STEELERS (26): Guess who’s at the bottom of turnover ratio? The last two teams you just read about (-9)!

30) REDSKINS (31): The Redskins’ defense has more first half TDs than the Redskins offense (2-1).

31) BUCCANEERS (30): Josh Freeman has the lowest completion percentage (45.7%) & rating (59.3) in the NFL. He’s ranked 33rd and soon to be 34th, yet there are 32 teams.

32) JAGUARS (32): The Jaguars have two wins in franchise history in the Pacific Time Zone…of course they’re last in scoring, but they don’t even average double-figures (9.3).