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Tennis ballboy plays it cool after he slams into a wall

Ballboys, batboys and waterboys do all the hard work but rarely receive the attention their efforts deserve.

Unless, of course, the unheralded workers of sport do something embarrassing.

Teymuraz Gabashvili and Nicolas Almagro were in the midst of a battle on the clay court at the Barcelona Open when one ballboy, unfortunately, was caught tripping over some uneven ground. That patch happened to lie right at the wall of the court, and that meant a camera caught the young man falling to his knees and head-first into a wall.

The most impressive bit and the thing that keeps us from being too concerned about the boy’s health is that he popped right back up — just in time for Almagro to turn around after hearing the “thump” and see nothing.

The ballboy’s smile as he attempts to stand quietly against the wall would indicate he’s alright. And now he’s an internet legend.


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