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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is fond of Larry Fitzgerald

Though rivals on the field, it appears Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is very fond of Arizona Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald.

In fact, Carroll is such a fan that he sent a video to the NFL following his team’s win over the Cards in an effort to praise the way Fitzgerald plays the game.

According to Terry Blount of’s Seahawks blog, Carroll appreciated a couple “big blocks” the receiver made.

“I sent in two plays that Larry had, plays that jumped off the game film,” Carroll said Thursday. “I said something to Larry after the game [a 34-22 Seattle victory on Oct. 17] about those two decisions, perfectly illustrating the new mentality and the right mentality. With an iconic guy like that, I just thought it was really powerful.”

Carroll was pointing to separate blocks made on cornerbacks Richard Sherman and Walter Thurmond. Each set up in a way where Fitzgerald could have hurt them, but he instead found a way to be effective without endangering his opponents.

“It’s still a big hit,” Carroll said. “But it could have been a colossal collision had he taken full advantage of the opportunity, and he didn’t. His poise and his character demonstrated that he understands. That’s really cool stuff and that’s where the league is going. We can do this.”

The point in sending the videos in, Carroll said, is to make a statement that if one of the most recognizable players in the league is capable of adjusting his game in the name of safety, then others should be able to as well.

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