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Arizona Cardinals’ Bradley Sowell returns to field after dealing with the flu

TEMPE, Ariz. — Bradley Sowell missed the first couple of days of practice this week because of illness.

And no, it was not “Watt-itis.”

The Arizona Cardinals’ left tackle was out with the flu, and he was well enough Friday to get back on the practice field in preparation for the Houston Texans and their top-rated defense.

“I feel fine,” Sowell said. “Three days off can work either bad or good.

“I felt super fresh and my legs felt great today, but my wind was a little off. I had a good day at work and I feel fine. I’ll get an IV and I’ll feel good.”

Though Sowell missed a significant amount of practice time this week, he is not worried about being behind with regards to the game plan.

“As soon as they put it on the pad it comes right to us, and I watch exactly what went on and I’ll text (Nate) Potter or whoever was in there and ask what was going on,” Sowell said. “The new iPads are awesome, I don’t miss anything.”

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said the left tackle “looked fine” Friday, and is confident with a bit more medicine and time Sowell will be ready to go.

Wondrous technology aside, there are certainly drawbacks to not being out on the field. Sowell has just four career starts under his belt, and the former undrafted rookie who was picked up by the Cardinals in September has his work cut out for him against the Houston Texans defense.

“It’s hard, technique more than anything,” Arians said of how missing time hurts. “You miss the work, you miss the assignment stuff, the film study with the coaches.

“You know he’s got the iPad and he obviously did his work that way, but it’s hard on him.”

Sowell said his experience against them as a member of the Indianapolis Colts last season will help, as will the fact that he did make it into the practice field this week.

“I’ve studied them two other games before so that helped out a lot,” he said. “Kind of got a read on what they want to do. They’re a good front.”

That front, of course, features the reigning Defensive Player of the Year in J.J. Watt, who Sowell is likely to match up with quite a bit Sunday.

“It’s not ideal to block him whenever you’re fully healthy, he’s a tough guy to block,” Sowell admitted, with a smile. “But there’s different things we can do, and hopefully we can run the ball a little bit and get after him a little bit.”

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