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Coyotes Ice Bites: Why Movember matters

For this episode of “Ice Bites,” we’re taking a step back from Phoenix Coyotes hockey to talk about something important: men’s health.

Now before you freak out and close the page, give me a second to explain. As guys, we hate talking about ourselves, especially our health. We’d mush rather talk about our weekend than our doctor’s visit when we sit down for beers.

And that’s fine. That’s why we have Movemeber (Mustache November). Guys sport weird facial hair for a month to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues. No one is saying to talk about it or post it on Facebook, but Movember is intended to get guys thinking about their health for just a month in hopes that it becomes habitual.

Being a man means stepping up and doing things you don’t like. That includes taking care of ourselves.

For more information on Movember, click here. To check out my personal Movember page, click here.