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Expert: Black unis in heat will not slow ASU

An Arizona State professor said the football team’s new black uniform will not impede the team in the heat when they take the field on Friday evening.

According to ASU News, Michael Angilletta, who studies the way organisms adapt to their environment at the ASU School of Life Sciences, said that the amount of heat felt by humans depends on if the sun is up or not.

After sunset, when most ASU home games are played, it’s infrared radiation that makes a difference, not solar radiation, says Angilletta. As a result, black clothing, whether it be uniforms or shirts and shorts, will be the same temperature as any other color of clothing.

Basically, heat is radiated from the sun while it is up and radiates from objects when the sun goes down.

Angilletta said, rather than worrying about the color of your shirt, you should worry about bringing an insulated pad to protect you from the hot seats.

Watch the video from ASU News here:

ASU Expert says uniform color will have no effect on Devils heatwise from Keith Jennings on Vimeo.