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Oklahoma and Oklahoma St. seem ready for the Pac

Larry Scott may have said he is not interested in seeing the Pac-12 expand again, but that doesn’t mean schools aren’t lining up to join the conference.

According to Orange Bloods, Oklahoma will apply for membership in the Pac-12 by the end of September, and Oklahoma State is expected to follow suit.

Would the Big 12’s loss be the Pac-12’s gain?

Even though Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said Friday the Pac-12 was not interested in expansion at this time, OU’s board of regents is fed up with the instability in the Big 12, the source said.

The OU board of regents will meet within two weeks to formalize plans to apply for membership to the Pac-12, the source said.

This would come on the heels of Colorado and Utah joining the then-Pac-10 and forming the current group, and adding the Oklahoma schools would be a real coup for the conference, if not disaster for some of its less prestigious schools.

Expansion sounds like a real good idea until your team’s schedule has Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Oregon and USC on it.