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Report: Pac-16 with Texas getting closer

The Pac-12 may already be growing.

According to ESPN’s Pac-12 Blog, a Texas newspaper said talks are heating up between four schools, including Texas, and Pac-12 officials.

One of the biggest deal breakers for Texas, the newly-created Longhorn Network, seems to have been addressed. The new report said that Texas will be allowed to keep their network, but if they join they will be required to carry other Pac-12 (16?) programming.

This could mean a lot more national exposure for both of Arizona’s schools, but, more importantly, it could also mean a higher number of recruits and more money for every school. Better football and more money? Sounds good to me.

The Texas and Oklahoma regents are expected to meet Monday to discuss leaving the Big 12 in favor for the current Pac-12.