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ASU can still play in Pac-12 Championship Game

According to the Pac-12 notes (prior to the game): “Basically, Arizona State will benefit from a three-team tie, or a two-team tie with Utah.”

The tie-breaker for multiple-team ties:
1. Head-to-head (best record in games among the tied teams)

• ASU beat Utah but lost to UCLA.
• Utah beat UCLA but lost to ASU.
• UCLA beat ASU but lost to Utah.

2. Record in games played within the division

• ASU is 3-2 and done with division play.
• Utah is 2-2*
• UCLA is 2-2* (UCLA eliminated leaving thus going back to head to head between ASU and Utah)

ASU wins the Pac-12 South Division*.

* Only applies if ASU beats CAL, UCLA loses at USC and Utah beats Colorado