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Lisa Love says ASU is ‘primed’ to take the next step

The Arizona State Sun Devils have lost four in a row,
finishing the regular season with a 6-6 record. They’ve
reached double-digit wins just once since 1996, and is now
beginning a search for a new head football coach.

Despite all that, Vice President of Athletics Lisa Love
the school is in a great spot.

“Not only has there been sort of a shift relative to our
core talent base, but there’s also been a bit of a
shift,” she said.

Love says the participation in the “blackouts” the school
hosted against Missouri and Arizona show how much the
students and fans care.

“The reason it hurts so badly on this date in November is
because the cliff to fall from this year was so much
because of the content of the program and the content
Sun Devil Stadium and the level of interest,” she said.

That is why Love feels the possibility exists that ASU can
hire a coach who can take the school to the next level.

“It takes a lot to create the kind of inviting,
competitive energy around the university program that has
a very can-do, Rose Bowl capable attitude, and that’s
where I believe we are today,” she said. “I believe we can
hire a coach that can take us from where we are, with this
platform of student participation…we are primed to, I
believe, hire that coach that can take that next step.”

Who that coach will be and when they will be hired is
anyone’s guess, as Love would put
no timeline
on concluding the search.

When hired, that person will walk in with some lofty
expectations to take the ASU football program to a place
it’s really never been before.