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ASU’s Graham makes good first impression with players

The meeting wasn’t very long.

New head coach Todd Graham didn’t want to be a distraction.

His just-introduced-to players remain focused on preparing for Boise State and the Las Vegas Bowl, in what will be the final game under the previous coaching regime.

Graham, though, did want to at least let his new team know what they can expect from him and what he will expect from them.

“He just kind of wanted us to know who he was,” said running back Cameron Marshall, “and kind of wants us to feel free to stop by and talk to him and get to know him a little bit.”

Quarterback Brock Osweiler called it a “great first meeting” and came away impressed with the sixth year head coach.

“He’s a guy who loves the game of football. He’s going to bring a lot of energy.

“You could just tell,” continued Osweiler, “when he was sitting in his chair he was even a little bit antsy, kind of on the edge of it. I think he’s going to bring a lot of energy that this program needs right now.”

Osweiler said he hasn’t had the chance to look at any Pittsburgh film and won’t until January. “I have been holding off until this bowl game is over.”

He is though familiar with the type of offense Graham likes to run. “Yeah, I’ve heard the word ‘high octane’ a few times I would say. I’ve seen the numbers that that offense has put up.”

“We’re all real curious to see what’s going to happen next year,” Marshall stated. “Just like all you guys are curious, we’re curious to see how he’s going to be, what’s going to change.”

Marshall said there was one thing he did get out of their meeting with Graham. “He’s big on discipline. I think some of those things this team needs.”

It was a topic Osweiler was pleased to hear discussed. “You know maybe that’s something that we’ve been missing a little bit of. I don’t think it’s going to hurt us in any way.”

Added Marshall, “We hope (Graham’s) here for the long haul. We’re on board with him.”

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