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Details of Todd Graham’s contract surface

Recently hired Arizona State football coach Todd Graham
will have his contract up for approval by the Arizona
Board of Regents on Thursday.

The deal is for five years, and runs through December 31,
2016. Graham’s annual salary will be a total of $2
million, consisting of a base salary of $600,000 and $1.4
million in what is described as additional salary. On
January 1, 2013, Graham’s base salary number will increase
by $50,000, and he will receive the same bump in base pay
every January 1 thereafter.


Graham will receive bonuses based on Academic Year GPA or
Graduation Success Rate by NCAA definition. Those bonuses
start at $50,000 annually for a team GPA of 2.60 or 65%
graduation success and range up to a maximum of $150,000
for a 2.80 GPA or 85% graduation success.

Team performance bonuses are structured as such:

• $25,000 for an appearance in Pac-12 Championship

• $75,000 additional for a Pac-12 Championship

• $250,000 for an appearance in a BCS bowl game


• $350,000 for a BCS bowl win

• $500,000 for an appearance in the BCS national
championship game


• $750,000 for a BCS national title

• $25,000 for a win in a non-BCS bowl

• 1 month of annual salary (base and additional) for
an appearance in any non-BCS bowl

• Anywhere from $50,000 to $900,000 based on regular
season wins.

• $100,000 for the National Coach of the Year award

• $50,000 for any other Coach of the Year award

Additional Items

• Arizona State has agreed to pay Graham’s obligation
to the University of Pittsburgh to cover damages for
terminating his contract.

• Graham will receive use of two automobiles, or a
stipend, tickets to ASU sporting events, golf privileges
at ASU Karsten Golf Course, reimbursement of membership
fees and monthly dues at a country club and payment of
relocation fees.

And, because we’re sure you’re wondering

Should Graham terminate the contract earlier than December
31, 2016, ASU could require him to pay the university up
to $1 million.

Graham also would be prohibited from obtaining employment
as a head coach at another Pac-12 school for the remainder
of the contract, unless it was approved by the president
of the university.

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