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Todd Graham: Worst coach in the Pac-12?

In 2011, the Arizona State football team that completely collapsed down the stretch — losing six of its last seven games.

Oh, did I mention that the Sun Devils were the most-penalized team in all of college football that season?

Enter Todd Graham, who took over as head coach in December of 2011, and in one season, led the Devils to an 8-5 record, their first bowl win since 2005 and transformed them into the least-penalized team in the Pac-12.

Pretty impressive, right?

Not in the eyes of Sporting News writer Matt Hayes, who ranked the coaches of the Pac-12 — and has Graham dead last in the poll.

The coaching nomad held it together last season after a quick start dissolved into ugly, weekly losses. No matter what you think of him after all of his job jumping, there’s no denying that Graham wins everywhere he goes.

Something smells like a contradiction. Oh wait, it’s Hayes’ write-up on Graham.

How can a coach rank 12th out of 12 when he “wins wherever he goes?”

Incidentally, Athlon Sports ranked all 125 FBS coaches in an article last week, and Graham ranked 29th in the nation and fourth in the Pac-12.