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ASU AD: DirecTV subscribers should look to change if they want Pac-12 Network

The Pac-12 Network began broadcasting on August 15, 2012, but not one thing they’ve produced has been seen by anyone who is a subscriber of DirecTV.

A deal was not — and has not been — reached between the two parties, meaning millions of fans are unable to watch the games and partake in the regional and specific coverage the network provides.

“If you look at it we’re on four of the top five cable systems,” Arizona State athletic director Steve Patterson told Arizona Sports 620’s Doug and Wolf Thursday. “The reality is DirecTV is just playing hard ball.

“They want to pay about two-thirds of what everybody else pays — a little less than that, actually.”

The sides are still trying to work out a deal, Patterson said it’s like any other company trying to sell any other product in that if you sell it for considerably less than market value, you are not likely to make much money.

“Unfortunately, DirecTV doesn’t see the value in the Pac-12 Network that they see in the Big 10 Network or other networks,” he added. “They don’t want to play ball.

“If I was a DirecTV subscriber I’d be looking to change to Cox or Dish (Network).”