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Arizona State’s Todd Graham named ‘last coach you’d ever want to play for’ in anonymous ESPN poll

Every year before pretty much every major sports season, ESPN the Magazine conducts an anonymous poll of the individual league’s players.

The questions vary quite a bit depending on the specific sport and what is going on in the world at the time, but suffice to say, there tend to be some pretty interesting results.

This year’s college football survey may be of particular interest to Sun Devil fans, as head coach Todd Graham topped the list for “last coach you’d ever want to play for.”

Ninety-two players were polled, with Graham earning 14 percent of the vote. The next highest total belonged to USC’s Lane Kiffin, who garnered 11 percent of the vote.

Now, in the grand scheme of things this probably does not mean too much. Graham’s reputation took a hit with how he left Pittsburgh, but his Sun Devil players seem to like him well enough. So, if he wins games, odds are people will look at him in a different light.