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Michael Crow and Larry Scott agree that change needs to happen

The consensus around college athletics is the system needs to be tweaked. How so remains to be seen.

Among other things, Crow and the Pac-12 university presidents support full cost of attendance payments and guaranteed scholarships, which was outlined in a letter to the 53 university presidents in the other Power Five conferences.

“I think the entire concept of college athletics needs some serious attention so that we can keep it on track for what is exists for, for young student athletes to compete at the highest possible level,” Crow told the Doug and Wolf show on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.

Pac-12 president Larry Scott agrees with Crow that change needs to happen, but doesn’t want to “lose sight of all the great things” that participating in intercollegiate sports does for the athletes.

“Change needs to come in many aspects, but we’ve now got the ability to make some positive changes that will happen,” Scott told Pac-12 Networks. “But I definitely see a lot of positive things about the current model that we have.”

The conferences want autonomy so they have voting power on issues in college athletics. This power will be decided Aug. 7 by the NCAA Board of Directors.

The current proposal would allow legislation to pass in one of two ways, outline in the following Tweet. Power Five conferences would have 65 of 80 votes, while student-athletes would have 15 of the votes, three per conference.

“The back and forth that goes on between the various schools is such that it’s tough to get agreement,” Crow said. “What you see happening here is the process of honing new ways to get agreements.”

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