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Arizona State, Arizona are eerily similar on paper

How do you know that your buddy at work knows nothing about college football?

If they say, “I think _____ is going to win the game Friday.”

Anyone who thinks they know how Arizona State at Arizona will play out is either a homer or clueless.

Is Jaelen Strong healthy? Is Anu Solomon healthy?

Can ASU’s defense stop the run? Can U of A’s defense stop the run?

Will Taylor Kelly read and react with conviction?

Arizona State averages 37.2 points per game. Arizona averages 36.2.

Arizona’s atrocious run defense is 11th in the conference giving up 163 yards per game. ASU is only 4 yards per game ahead of atrocious.

ASU is the least penalized team in the conference by a wide margin. Arizona draws more flags against their opponent than any other team in the conference — by a wide margin.

Both teams run hurry-up, earning 10th and 11th place in the Pac-12 in time of possession.

Arizona has a +10 turnover margin for third-best in the Pac-12 while ASU is second at +12.

As if there aren’t enough similarities, after 11 games, both teams have been in the red zone 53 times.

Arizona is ranked 12th. ASU is No. 13.

Making a prediction on this game is a waste of time. Nobody wants to admit it because being like your rival is like kissing your sister.

The “S” that separates ASU and UA doesn’t stand for stats, standings or situation because those are all the same. The “S” stands for Stanford.

The only thing both teams can agree on: Go Cardinal.

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