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Fiesta Bowl losing BCS status would be horrible

With the news today of the Fiesta Bowl firing John Junker, there is not one shred of shock or surprise. Junker and the bowl have been under numerous investigations for over a year now. The BCS culture as a whole has come under scrutiny for how it does business, how it crowns a national champion and who stands to benefit along the way. Junker and the Fiesta Bowl just became the face of that scrutiny. The bowl, the sport, could not idly sit by and allow that to be.

But while some were concerned with how we got here, I was much more concerned with what is next. Will the BCS, in an effort to improve their own image, carve the Fiesta Bowl out? Those fears were somewhat confirmed by this tweet from ESPN’s Bruce Feldman.

BCS issues a statement saying Fiesta Bowl must demonstrate why it should remain a BCS bowl and a task force will evaluate bowl’s response. @BFeldmanESPN

If I have to go before my boss and demonstrate why I should remain employed….I’m in trouble. If I have to go before my wife and demonstrate why I should remain her husband….I’m in trouble. Corrupt as it may be, it’s still a hell of a party and one that brings in a lot of money to our economy. Just as the Fiesta Bowl had very little choice in firing Junker, I wonder if the BCS is painted into the same corner in keeping the Fiesta bowl.

Meanwhile, down there in Dallas, there is a stadium, and owner and a bowl game that would be more than willing to take the Fiesta’s spot.