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Pokemon are invading our sports stadiums

The hottest iPhone app craze this week is giving us a weird collection of memes.

Pokemon Go was released to the world, inviting people to walk around the real world in search of virtual creatures to catch. Some people are running into real-world things while doing so and getting hurt for it.

Others are simply finding Pokemon characters in places where we usually watch sports.

See above, where one Twitter user snapped a giant Kingler disrupting play at Citi Field.

Here in Phoenix, a Growlithe was encountered at Talking Stick Resort Arena. We can only hope the arena management folks removed the fiery canine before the Mercury faced the Liberty.

Doduo also dropped into the Dallas Mavericks’ facilities to bug Devin Harris in the training room and a very confused Dwight Powell in the hallways.

Out in San Francisco, Metapod was hanging (get it?) at AT&T Park, as was Rattata.

We also saw a Bulbasaur trying to join the Seattle Sounders’ team photo and a Squirtle at the New York Jets’ facility.

Speaking of which, Squirtle’s repertoire of moves that include tackle, water gun, bubble, rapid spin, and skull bash would seemingly make the turtle a solid replacement for Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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