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The Pulse: Arizona Sports readers think Broncos will edge Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII

Every day, we at ask our readers a question. It’s the Sanderson Ford Poll Question of the Day, and it can be found midway down the right side of our home page.

Our most recent question focused on a national event, asking what will happen in the Super Bowl XLVIII matchup between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks.

With four answers from which to choose and 414 people responding, more than half of voters (51 percent) said “Broncos win close.”

The second-most popular response was “Seahawks win close,” with 30 percent of readers choosing this option.

Only 78 voters ventured to say the game will be a blowout, with 13 percent of readers saying the Broncos will win big, and 6 percent thinking Seattle will emerge by a wide margin.

The offensive-minded Broncos and the defensive-heavy Seahawks both finished the regular 13-3. Media opinions on who will win the big game have mostly been split. It’s anybody’s ballgame, but Arizona Sports readers have made it pretty clear who their favorite is.

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