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Michael Phelps, you OK, bud?

The camera in the 2016 Rio Olympics’ swimming on-deck room has already won gold.

A day after it caught swimmer Lilly King giving a Dikembe Mutombo-sized finger wag at her Russian competitor, it caught Michael Phelps doing, um, this.

Those faces are reasonable considering Phelps is watching South African rival Chad le Clos do whatever he’s doing. Seriously, what is he doing?

Phelps didn’t go Lilly King on le Clos, afterward just calling any potential for controversy a preference of warm-up routines.

For what it’s worth, Phelps would take second in the semifinals of the 200-meter butterfly, just edging le Clos and falling to Hungary’s Tamas Kenderesi.

The only question left: What is on Phelps’ pre-swim jams playlist?

Anyhow, this all led to, you guessed it, a meme. And memes mean jokes. Here is a compilation of some of those jokes.

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