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Ball State surprises student-athlete with full scholarship

Achieving any type of college scholarship is difficult, but getting a full-ride while playing a collegiate sport? That’s nearly impossible.

That didn’t stop Kyle Seger.

The redshirt senior has dreamed of being a scholarship player throughout his four and a half years at Ball State. Each season, Seger would ask numerous coaches on the possibility of obtaining a scholarship. And each time, he would receive the same deflating answer.

This year however, after the Cardinals’ second practice, Seger was called down to the Venderly Football Complex to play “The Cardinal is Right”. The game consisted of one player standing facing away from a projector screen, while words would flash behind him. His teammates would have to provide him clues in order to guess the words.

Seger was called down as the fifth player in the game. After seeing words like “Babe Ruth”, “unicorn” and “elephant” for the other players, the words that came up behind him were, “You have earned a full scholarship”.

Coincidentally, the day Seger received the scholarship was also his mother’s birthday. Seger said in an interview that it was “one heck of a present” he gave her.

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