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Arizona Sports Uniform Playoffs: The Championship Match

And then there were two.

Earlier this summer, we started off with 48 uniforms from the annals of Arizona sports. After a record number of votes in our semifinal matchups, we’re down to the final two competitors.

The fourth-seeded Suns’ Barkley-era road purples defeated the top-seeded Suns’ black alternates from the same era, getting 55 percent of the vote.

In the other semifinal, Cinderella reigned supreme again. The 46th-seeded Coyotes Kachina black road jerseys scored a 52-48 win over the second-seeded Suns Barkley-era home white jerseys.

Voting for this matchup will be open until 7:00 a.m., Wednesday, Aug. 10.

Thanks for participating in the first-ever Arizona Sports Uniform Playoffs!

#4 Suns Barkley-era purple roads vs. #46 Coyotes Kachina black roads


Voting is now closed

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