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The promise of Ted Ginn, Jr.

The Cards signed Ted Ginn Jr. to a three-year contract worth $9.75 million. I applaud the signing and eagerly look forward to watching the impact it has on Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd.

There’s an axiom in life that says the only thing more powerful than money is the promise of money. Well, in the game of football, the only thing more powerful than the deep ball is the promise of the deep ball.

The reality of the Ted Ginn, Jr. signing to me has little to do with what he brings to the table with the ball in his hands and more about what he will do without the ball in his hands.

This guy can still fly…and he has a penchant for making big plays down the field. Last year, in Carolina, Ginn caught 36 passes — 24 of which were for first downs — and averaged over 15 yards/reception. He also scored 5 TD’s. These are big play numbers.

And defensive coordinators know it.

Great speed at the receiver position that can take the top off the secondary usually gets the attention of not only coordinators but defensive backs. We tend to respect things that can hurt us.

Ginn, Jr. loosens everything up in the secondary. This will help Larry Fitzgerald get the ball more because the Cardinals have a legitimate deep threat that can get down the field quickly. Combined with Michael Floyd’s ability to get down the field and make plays and improved protection, Carson Palmer and Fitz may finally create the synergy the Cards are looking for.

Let’s hope the potential of Ted Ginn, Jr. turns into a promise.