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Kurt Warner tells TMZ he feels more allegiance to Arizona than St. Louis

Now we’ve seen it all.

Kurt Warner on TMZ?

The quarterback who led the Arizona Cardinals to their one and only Super Bowl appearance during the 2008 season was caught by the relentless cameras of TMZ in New York City.

He was first asked about whether he thought there was any scenario where he could see Geno Smith starting over Michael Vick in Week 1 for the New York Jets. Yawn.

Then the talk turned to his pro allegiance. Warner’s storybook career started in St. Louis, where he led the Rams to two Super Bowls and where he won two league MVP awards.

“I probably feel more allegiance to Arizona than I do St. Louis just because there are a number of people that are still there, whether it’s teammates or in the upper levels,” Warner said. “Being the last place that I played, being that I still live there, there’s probably a little more allegiance there.”

Take that, St. Louis.

“But I’m still a huge fan of St. Louis, and I’m thankful for everything they gave me,” he concluded.

Oh, Kurt…always saying the right thing. That rarely happens when somebody’s talking to TMZ.

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