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Cardinals roster lacks nationally-popular jersey

If you travel outside of these borders, you probably won’t see many Arizona Cardinals jerseys.

On Monday, the NFL Player’s Association posted its annual list of most-sold jerseys in the fiscal year and no Cardinals player was found in the top 50.

Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks — their Super Bowl-winning division rivals — placed three top jerseys in the top 12.

Russell Wilson had the top-selling jersey in the whole league, while Marshawn Lynch (7) and Richard Sherman (12) also registered high on the sales chart. Last fiscal year, Wilson’s jersey was just the 19th-most sold.

Nine of the top 10 on the list were quarterbacks, in Wilson, Peyton Manning (2), Colin Kaepernick (3), Robert Griffin III (4), Aaron Rodgers (5), Tom Brady (6), Eli Manning (8), Andrew Luck (9) and Drew Brees (10).

In all, eight players from the NFC West landed on the top 50 list — all from either the Seahawks or San Francisco 49ers.