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Arizona Cardinals right in opposing bill to allow guns in venues

Could guns be allowed in University of Phoenix Stadium, Chase Field, US Airways Center and Arena? If State Senate Bill 1201 passes they will be if the entities managing each venue don’t install metal detectors and gun lockers.

It’s an issue that Global Spectrum, the company managing University of Phoenix Stadium, told the Phoenix Business Journal they’re concerned about. According to the piece the Arizona Cardinals openly oppose the bill and the Arizona Diamondbacks and Phoenix Suns have expressed concerns about it.

It should be an issue. Have you ever been to a Suns-Lakers game? Do you remember how bad things used to get at Sun Devil Stadium when the Cardinals would take on their then division rival Dallas Cowboys? How about any ASU versus UofA contest?

Sports and concerts are emotionally charged events and because of that confrontations come with the territory. By adding in weapons the state is playing with fire, or at least firearms. If the goal of the bill is to force stadiums to increase security measure than so be it but if it is solely to let guns into events it’s just asking for an issue.

I’ve seen drunken fist fights break out at sporting events more times than I’ve seen the home team win. Some of my first memories at games in the Valley were of two drunk guys getting in full out brawls because of loyalty to their team and liquor. I remember them because they were somewhat funny. Add a gun into that mix and it’s a memory for a completely different reason.

Not to mention what might happen when a player has a horrible game and a drunk fan takes issue with it.

Teams are concerned and so should the fans and players regardless of political view. They’re the ones in the most danger if the bill passes.

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