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Question and Declare: What can ASU do to get your attention?

I have never figured out why this topic is so hard to grasp, but a different set of “tweeps” than last month wanted more ASU talk on the show. All of our show topics are determined by a simple evaluation. If you care enough to buy tickets to an event, that’s how we know you want to hear more of that topic. If you care enough to listen to our broadcast of an event or watch it on TV, we know you want to hear more of that topic.

If ASU women’s basketball sold out every game and drew a big number on local TV, guess what? We’d be talking about the Lady Devils once an hour on the show.

When I brought this up on Twitter, a mountain load of excuses came through of why ASU “fans” don’t go to games. For this week’s “Question and Declare,” I was wondering what will it take for you to support THIS team. I’m not talking about issues of the past. I’m only talking about the 2013 Arizona State football team. Some of the responses were strongly against me and some were strongly against the excuse-makers.

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