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Rutgers football players do silly things when hypnotized

The majority of the Rutgers football team’s Twitter account is your typical droning on of motivation phrases.

“Hard work!! Dedication!!”

“Competitive Excellence”

“Relentless Strain”

Great. We feel like running through a brick wall for Rutgers coach (Google searches “name of Rutgers football coach”) Chris Ash. And then, while looking for more super interesting words that apparently look great in the locker room but in other contexts are strewn together incoherently, we found this doozy of a video.

It’s a couple clips of a man named Kirsch putting Rutgers football players into hypnosis and then asking them to do embarrassing things as their teammates watch. Kirsch asks two players to dance like nobody’s watching to the Dougie, then tricks one sleeping player into thinking his sandal is an oxygen mask.

The act was performed by hypnogician Michael Kirschner, who on his Instagram page says he combines hypnosis, mind reading and comedy in his acts.

The conscious teammates find Kirschner’s presentation very funny. Indeed, this seems like a good team-building exercise.

Rutgers should probably post more of this to its Twitter account and less bad motivation coach-speak.

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