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DeAndre Jordan was entertainment gold for Team USA

Once Team USA got rolling downhill against Serbia in the Rio Olympics’ gold medal men’s basketball matchup, there remained several good reasons to keep watching.

Kevin Durant got more than toasty hot, Carmelo Anthony spoke from the heart about his success and failures as the most-decorated member of USA basketball in history and even made a point to speak out about the challenges the United States faces.

For the more humor-inclined viewer, there was also DeAndre Jordan.

Wherever you looked, the Team USA center seemed to be enjoying himself. On the bench, he was celebrating Durant’s domination with karate chopping moves seemingly stolen from Mac out of an “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” episode.

Just before the half, Jordan was doing an arm-flapping celebration.

Perhaps a tip of the hat to Lucille Bluth’s chicken dance in “Arrested Development”?

There was also Jordan completely shoving Jimmy Butler an entire seat over on the USA bench.

And to finish it all off, there was Jordan’s reaction to USA basketball director Jerry Colangelo dropping Kevin Durant’s Olympic memento during the medal ceremony.

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